The weigh in

Last tree picked before cooking breakfast for our last morning meal in the sunshine before the young ones head back to Auckland.


A short drive up the road to Martin and Judy’s press house and a few anxious moments waiting to see who has won the weigh in sweepstake, with guesses at 131kg, 135kg, 140kg and 154kg.


55,000 olives picked, the total haul comes in at 137.5kg; twice what we picked last year.

20150406_103241_R 20150406_122252_R

Still fascinated by the pressing process we spend the next 5 hours watching our olives being pulped and squeezed into the liquid gold that they are.

20150406_124745_R 20150406_125040_R 20150406_142320_R

22.5 litres is our result for 2015.


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