It is harvest time; the rakes, harvesting bags and fusty have been purchased, the press arranged and extra hands secured.
It is Saturday, the weather is good and we are all ready to go.

wpid-20140419_090810.jpgThe trees range from no fruit to lots but we are not expecting a big yield this year. Each olive lovingly (really) hand picked.

wpid-20140420_092544.jpg wpid-20140420_092605.jpgOn the first day there is just the two of us but we cover quite a lot of ground as a lot of the trees in the first rows have little or no fruit. Apart from stopping for picnic lunch on our half built deck we pick on through the day. Not much in the way of aches and pains in the evening so a good day’s work.

Sunday and our two helpers (Annika and Tom) are with us to pick the rest of the trees, some of which contain far more fruit than any of the trees we have picked so far. But first of all we need to put our extra kit we have brought along down and out of the way.

wpid-20140420_110519.jpgThe two “youngsters” soon get into the swing of things alongside the now seasoned (after one day) farmers.

wpid-20140503_073024.jpg wpid-20140503_073200.jpg wpid-20140503_073212.jpg wpid-20140503_073246.jpgPicking olives is thirsty/hungry work so the men motor off to the local cafe for coffee and doughnuts while the women inspect the estate. The only other interruption to our picking is a short but very heavy downpour of rain. Our plan to shelter under the trees in the woodland changes to a run uphill to the house and shelter inside.

The final hand picked olive on the final tree is retrieved and placed in the last of the four crates we have filled. All we need to do now is load the crates into the car and wait for the visit to the press so see just how big our bounty is.

wpid-20140503_073832.jpg wpid-20140503_073820.jpg

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