Our grove was formerly farmland, planted with a mix of Leccino, Frantoio and J5 olive trees in 2001. We acquired the land in 2013 and harvested our first fruit the following April, picking by hand and not leaving a single olive on the tree. Our olives were cold pressed at the local press run by a neighbour and the oil tasted fantastic, like nothing we had ever tasted before.

We doubled our harvest in our second year, encouraging us to start selling our oil; investing in new bottles and labels to suit the quality of our product.

Our harvests have continued to grow and although we still pick all our olives by hand (no shaking, raking  or hitting the trees) we no longer reach for every last olive on the tree, some can be left for Mother Nature.

We have invested in our own hand press now, mastering the whole process from tree to bottle. Harvesting is a busy time, encompassing:

        1. Picking
        2. Cleaning (removing twigs and leaves)
        3. Washing
        4. Milling
        5. malaxing
        6. pressing
        7. separating
        8. bottling

    All this takes place in less than 24 hours from tree to fusti (the stainless steel containers used to store the oil before bottling)

    We take care to ensure our oil is the highest quality it can be by:

        • picking at the optimum time of the year
        • handling the olives rather than hitting or dragging them
        • cleaning and cold pressing (rather than centrifuge)
        • pressing less than 24 hours after picking (some less than an hour after picking)
        • pressing only once
        • not using any pesticides or other chemicals on the trees

    We hope you enjoy our oil as much as we do


    Richard and Linda


    We hand pick harvest our olives

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